I’m over greedflation

What is “greedflation? Well it’s inflation but with greed. Ever since CEOs started cracking the whip and demand butts in seats in shitty cubicles, “inflation” has been up. But it’s not inflation like the media will have you believe. Instead, it’s large companies that had two years of low revenue trying to make up for […]

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Goals for 2024

In my previous post, I talked a little about some of my goals for 2024. In this post, I’m going to expand more and probably add some. First thing’s first, I want to blog more. At least one blog post a week. That’s 52 total blog posts. Last year, I signed up to “Bring Back

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The Apple September Event was the other day and like these events always seem to do (and WWDC is no different) is kick up the hornets nest of the Apple haters. This years hot topic: USB-C! All the Apple haters I’ve seen have been spewing the same piece of misinformation over and over: “Apple was

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If you’re still on Twitter or X or whatever, you’re an idiot

This is a rant post. If you’re offended by swearing or think Musk is a god, then skip this one. Look. I’m going to be frank. If you’re still on Twitter, or is it X? Who the fuck even knows anymore? You’re a fucking idiot and part of the goddamn problem. Of course, if you

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The M2 Problem

Apple has a pretty big problem with M2 (really, it’s the whole Apple Silicon lineup): it’s too good. What do I mean by it’s too good? Let me explain! See, Intel doesn’t just make a “Intel Core” (or I guess now it’s just “Intel Pentium”) or “Intel Core i3” or “Intel Core i7”. They make

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