A week on the IPv6-only Internet (Part 1)

A few days ago, NodeSpace offered this interesting challenge on Twitter: So here I am, putting my money where my mouth is and taking this challenge. I’m not even an hour in and the results are… interesting. A little surprising, but definitely interesting. Going all in on IPv6 For this challenge, I setup a separate …

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IPv6 simplified – why a /64 is the minimum

Hey IPv6 nerds: this blog post is a simplification of SLAAC, RA, NDP, and EUI-64 to help the IPv6 learners and IPv6 deniers begin to understand IPv6. Don’t get all smart-assy because it turns people away from learning. Remember, this was once a new and strange concept to you too! Plus, the more people we …

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The IPv6 Experiment

This site has always been about experiments. I’m taking things a little bit further by doing a really radical experiment. Just like my main blog (which contents have been imported into this one), this blog is hosted on a VM on a Proxmox hypervisor in my colo. Only this server is a bit different. While …

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