IPv6 Shame List

A list of major websites belonging to organizations/companies that have no IPv6 deployment (or public AAAA record) making it impossible to use/access on an IPv6-only connection.

The point of this list is to shame orgs and companies that know better. It’s alright Bob’s Tire Shop in Nebraska doesn’t have an IPv6-enabled website. Chances are, they’re hosted by a shitty web host that does know better and chooses to stick their head in the sand.

How to get off this list? It’s easy. Deploy your website and/or service on IPv6. 🙂 It doesn’t have to even be a perfect implementation. A VPS provider giving you a /128 sucks and is carrying over bad practices from IPv4, but if you can deploy an AAAA record and your site or service works, that’s all I’m asking for.

Find a service that isn’t available on IPv6? Let them know! It’s the only way we can fix this mess! 🙂 This list is really for my own musing.

NameService/Industry Served
HostGatorWeb Hosting
WixWeb Hosting
GithubGit, software repository
Microsoft Office 365Email, Doc sharing, cloud storage, office suite
TwitterSocial media
MozillaSoftware; Privacy Advocate