Those Tux Avatars from the mid-2000s

Remember those awesome Tux avatars from circa 2010? I certainly do. Back then I kinda found them annoying – probably because they were literally everywhere! But now that I’m older and haven’t really seen them in a decade, every time I come across one, I become very nostalgic. And then I have realized something about them – they were really about diversity and inclusion. Everyone is represented by one of these Tux avatars. No, really! Doctors, lawyers, secret agents, Harry Potter, nerds, rebels, football, futball (that’s “soccer” for my fellow Americans), super heroes, rock stars, monsters, aliens, freaks, geeks, and everything and everyone in between. I had to dig through the depths of the internet (and the Internet Archive) to find these. There are over 1500 in this collection. There are duplicates. There are also some that arguably don’t belong in this collection. Obviously, these aren’t mine. I don’t know the history of them – although I absolutely would love to know the history of these! Did one person make them? Was there a template? If you know anything, please let me know! In the meantime, enjoy!