Welcome to my new blog

It seems that every so often, I start a blog, I shut it down, I stop writing, or whatever. The big thing is that I am a very private person. I don’t like to share more than I need to and so I do a lot of internal blogging, but not so much public blogging. I think that I’ll migrate my re-started WordPress blog over to this site since Ghost is designed for blogging whereas WordPress was designed for blogging but is now just a website builder – and every theme reflects that.

Tech Blogging

I’ve done some tech blogging in the past. I used to have a site that was my knowledge base of things that I performed around the office such as imaging using FOG, Group Policy settings that I pieced together from TechNet, views on things like Windows 8 (yuck!) and more.

Focus on the home lab

One of the things I’ll be doing here is starting to focus more on the home lab. My day job is cloud engineering so I don’t get to work with some of the tools and processes I once used to and I like to keep my skills sharp. I’ll produce some content and post it here on my blog.

I’ve forked an old project, called Open Homelab, and renamed it Project Homelab. It’s a wiki so the contents are freely editable to registered users. I’ll be incorporating a lot of that site into my blog here.


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