2020 – Year In Review

Ignoring technology, 2020 was an absolutely horrible year. Things started to look up, but then COVID-19 happened. But one of the things I like to do at the end of year is to reflect back on the things that happened.

Virtual Everything

This was the year of virtual conferences and thank goodness for it! It was the first year I was actually able to attend Microsoft Ignite and do some learning about the things happening in Azure.

The other great thing is that it opened up the ability to take certification exams at home instead of driving to a test center, sitting in an uncomfortable room, and just being able to do it at home. Out of everything, I hope this stays.

Businesses Forced to Innovate

This is another thing that I absolutely hope sticks around. With COVID-19, businesses were forced to innovate for the first time ever and most abandoned the “But we’ve always done it this way!” MO.

This winter, I bought a new home and moved. Guess how I rented my truck? 100% through an app. You know how nice it was to not have to walk into a dirty truck rental office, go through tons of paperwork and up sales?

Restaurants that have resisted delivery and take out options finally decided to bring them around.

Businesses that have said, “No, you can’t work from home” have just realized, yes, yes you can. And they saved money. And still are saving money.

Biotech Advanced Rapidly

Another major tech innovation this year, and probably the most important, is that we developed not one, but two vaccines for a virus that was not even a year old. This alone was revolutionary.

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