2023 in the rear view mirror

Well this year I think I couldn’t have waited any longer to do my reflection on the year. This year was definitely an interesting year and it was better than the previous ones. From a business perspective, NodeSpace had the best year ever! We added a lot more dedicated server customers with Proxmox and that is our focus into 2024. We have a lot of great things on the horizon so it’s a great time to be a NodeSpace customer! What’s that? You’re not? You should be ?

Overall, it was a really good year despite some of the problems. Besides avoiding COVID successfully for 3 years, I ended up getting it in early February after my daughter’s birthday party and right when my son was born. But it was a joy to welcome my son to the world. He’s a lot like me and has been enjoying computers and robots.

This year was a year that I did more PHP programming and even started contributing to some open source projects that we use within NodeSpace. One of the big ones is that we’re working on a free and open source Proxmox VE provisioning module with another hosting provider. Why? Because while other companies are using WHMCS modules to build their business, this is a module that others can use. We hope to do even more work on it this year as well.

Speaking of business, NodeSpace has left the Commonwealth of Virginia and is now a proud company of Michigan! That was a big move and one I was happy to make. So glad to be done with the BS personal property tax of Virginia for assets not even located in the commonwealth.

I am very excited for what the new year brings!

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