I lost my site

So this one is embarrassing and is my fault. Back in December, I was working on migrating websites from an old server to a new server in a new data center. With cPanel, things are a breeze. So I moved my site over just to kind of test out the server, see how things are, etc. Things are going swimmingly so I decide to delete my site from the old server. Then on top of that, I didn’t have backups running on the old server because things were going to move to the new server. So I started moving sites. Within a day, my server goes read-only. In Linux, if your file system goes read-only, you’re gonna have a bad time. I try a reboot and the server never comes back. The data center attaches a KVM and sure enough, no boot device found. I get the drive replaced and then I move over what was already migrated. Only to realize I had removed my site from the old server. All of it. Gone.

So always keep your backups enabled until you shut the thing off!

Anyways, this site has been sitting idle with just a login page for a while now. With COVID happening and the world on fire, I wanted to have a digital escape again which is why I’m opening this site back up.

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