A wrap up of 2022

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and that means it’s time to do my annual reflections of the year and look forward to the next year. 2022 was definitely an interesting year for sure. I’ve already done this from a company point of view so it’s time to do it from my own personal point of view. This is where I wish I still had my old blog posts so I could compare and contrast the last years. I’ve been doing something like this for about the last 14-ish years. But since I seem to be keeping this site around, maybe I’ll have more to look back at in the future. ?

First, the end of the year was definitely very interesting. When Musk took over Twitter, I knew it was going to get bad, but I’ve never seen a company torpedo itself in such spectacular fashion. With that, I have joined the fediverse and I can be found at @travis@nodespace.social.

Needless to say, Mastodon (and the whole fediverse) has been what I’ve been missing. I’ve actually started enjoying tech again. I also want to use it as an opportunity to help expand NodeSpace. I’m already talking a focus into the self-hosting market and I want to grow it even more.

This year, technologically, was kind of fun. I took a head dive into IPv6 and I even re-launched this blog on IPv6. I’ve migrated it (again) but this time to an IPv4 + IPv6 connection because I needed to consolidate. I had three web servers on my box which is ridiculous. The VM this site is on was built for email and web hosting and I’ve been moving my sites to it so it made sense to just move it here and shut down a server and free up some resources.

By the way, I have a Proxmox VE node that I run all my  stuff on (though my company, of course).

I did a lot of fun projects this year, too. One of my favorites was deploying my website from Git. Of course, when I published that post I was using Gitlab. I have since switched over to Gitea because it’s more lightweight and does everything I need. Gitlab is great for business, but I don’t need all of it’s features. I actually forgot I had this setup so when I verified my site on Mastodon, it immediately published and I was about to manually copy in the modified index page. By the way, my website is open source.

Speaking of, this year I did a lot of coding. And that’s one of my goals for 2023 as well. A lot of the code I did was proprietary so I can’t share it, but I want to do some more open source so I can share it. I will also do better at posting more to my personal git server.

Overall, 2022 was great. I’m excited for 2023.

Remember, your year is what you make of it and what you do to make it good or bad.

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