Hello? This is Lenny.

I run Lenny on my FreePBX server with his own DID that I give out to vendors or in cases where I don’t want to give out my cell phone or business number. It comes in very handy because this isn’t just a bot. This is a bot that will listen and then respond.

There are lots of funny calls with Lenny (just search YouTube or even visit /r/itslenny). Sadly, I don’t have any to contribute… yet. I was searching my FreePBX call recordings to see if I had anything, but all I do have is a collection of “wrong numbers”. Poor Lenny. He just wants to talk to someone!

Poor Lenny… he can barely hear her (as can I), and then he gets hung up on. 🙁

And then there are those that seem to be confused? Or at least pause for a second before they tell Lenny they’ve got the wrong number and hang up on him.

This guy is looking for a Tom Pratt, not Lenny. Poor Lenny tries to have a conversation, and this guy tries telling Lenny he’s got the wrong number. All Lenny can do is utter, “yes”.

Out of all the calls I recorded, this is my favorite. SORRY I HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER. “Yes…yes, yes, yes.” Click

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