If you’re still on Twitter or X or whatever, you’re an idiot

This is a rant post. If you’re offended by swearing or think Musk is a god, then skip this one.

Look. I’m going to be frank. If you’re still on Twitter, or is it X? Who the fuck even knows anymore? You’re a fucking idiot and part of the goddamn problem.

Had I not read the news that Musk forgot to take his meds, I would have assumed the Twitter site was hacked.

Of course, if you think “Shoot! Aim! Ready!” is an acceptable way to do business, then maybe X or Twitter is for you.

Musky is stuck in 1999 and can’t let go that his x.com was a great name for an online financial institution – never mind that “PayPal” just sounds better and has a context clue as to what it does. Pretend you’re new to the Internet. If I asked you what your PayPal was, you’d be confused but you might be able to gather that it has something to do with money or payments.

X is a placeholder. Even in math. Solve for x. In Musky math, x = 0.

X also has a meaning for porn. “Xvideos” is already definitely a thing and you don’t want to Google it with safe search off! After all, there’s a “.xxx” tld meant for porn sites.

Is this an app for porn? An escort service? Or where your money is stored?

My fucking god, if you’re paying for X Blue? X Black? Whatever it is. Then you’re endorsing this. I’ve even seen “legacy verified” users pay into Blue just because they couldn’t function without their blue check!

Please, fucking stop using X! Journalists: get the fuck off it. Companies: get the fuck off of it.

Twitter, or is it X? Whoever they are, the corporate “About” site still references Twitter and the bird. Maybe Musk fired the person with the password…

Get the fuck off twitter. There’s no purpose to be on there now!

Look, Mastodon isn’t perfect but it’s part of a better, long-term solution. SkyBlue is full of drama. Threads is boring. Your centralized, corporate social media is changing. Mastodon is making huge improvements and is feature-rich. Give it a shot. Nothing is going to be 1:1 Twitter clone. The Twitter you have been using since 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 or later is gone. It died in October 2022.

Space Karen bought twitter because he was forced to. He is impulsive if it isn’t obvious. He forced the verification change on an impulse. He labeled NPR as “state media” on an impulse. He wiped out a strong and valuable brand on an impulse.

He’s a fucking moron when it comes to cars. Downright delusional when it comes to space. And just a goddamn fucking idiot when it comes to financial services. He can’t pay his vendors or landlords, do you really trust someone like that with your money?

Get the fuck off X. Sell your Tesla. Get rid of Starlink. Fuck Musk.

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