I’m over greedflation

What is “greedflation? Well it’s inflation but with greed. Ever since CEOs started cracking the whip and demand butts in seats in shitty cubicles, “inflation” has been up. But it’s not inflation like the media will have you believe. Instead, it’s large companies that had two years of low revenue trying to make up for it. And it’s a snowball effect. One company raises rates, so another passes on the cost until it reaches you. It’s not inflation per se, but rather greed. Hence greedflation.

I run a web hosting company. My accountant just crunched the numbers for 2023. Every cut I made was undone by yet another vendor increasing prices. Mostly WebPros who provide cPanel and our billing software, WHMCS. Earlier I found some old invoices from back in the day. cPanel cost me $30/month. For unlimited websites. Now I’m paying over $60 for 100. In less than 20 years, the cost has gone up over 100%. WHMCS a few years ago removed “owned” licenses. Our helpdesk software removed “owned” licenses. Our server management software is also a subscription. Verisign keeps increasing the costs of domains.

Back in the day, Namecheap gladly boasted “Only $8.88 for a .com!” Meanwhile, we’re one of the cheapest on the market at $15/year! I’m hoping that at $15, I won’t have to raise the price for another several years. I think GoDaddy is now over $20 for a .com.

I’m just so exhausted from it. I’ve already had to increase our cPanel hosting by $1 though I haven’t touched client accounts (yet, unfortunately).

We’re trying to bring as much in house as we can. Anything so we can save our customers money. I want to lower prices, not increase them.

2023 was a good year, but I’m hoping 2024 will be a much better year. Buy some hosting or a server and support small business?

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